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Recent Enhancements
Qty on Hand Change Reason Reporting:  Enabled by default, within the inventory record, if a user changes the qty, on top of our current audit log, we now add a text box for ‘Why.’
Lightning Corporate Office, Sales Summary enhancments when setting the default for each of the three variations.
Improvements to the inventory report for items setup as a 'Multi-Pack'
Our Beverage Media interface continues to envolve.
Payment on House Accounts can now be performed on the Windows & Mac platforms.
The Sales Summary report is now customizable.  Select/Deselect the fields that are best suited for you.  I.E. Profit, Margin, Markup, Avg. Price, Avg. Invoice and much more.
Customer Profile improvements from the general setup to data entry.
The 'Quantities Sold' report now includes options when Kit/Club items are present.  If you don't see these new options, then that indicates you have not sold any Kit/Club items within that period.
The inventory Online Store tab, when E-Commerce is enabled, has new setup options for Return Policy, Shipping Policy, HTML Tags, Captions, Staff Picks, New Additions and General Comments.
The Ring Sales has been enhanced to support very high-resolution monitors
The Customer History now displays the discounts given at the register
Enhanced Microsoft Edge support.
AMAZING…..Lightning fast ‘chip credit card’ processing…You will be rubbing your eyes in disbelief at the speed.  Insert chip, then within two seconds you are you on way.
The Sales Summary better reflects house accounts and payments on account.
How Heard:  Track where your customers are coming from.
At 'End Transaction' the clerk can be prompted to ask the customer how they heard of your business with a pre-determined drop down box.

We have enhanced our 'New Customer' report to breakdown where your customers are coming from.  (Must be used in conjunction with our new 'How Heard' feature.)
Hold Sale improvements related to loading a customer that has sales on hold.  The user will see a yellow bar indicating sales are on hold

The Ring Sales, Blank Line feature has been enhanced when editing.
Additional enhancements on our new shipping module related to reprinting receipts
Enhanced Cash Drawer Management:  Control if you want your cash drawer to open for your delivery services (IE Drizly.com, Mini Bar Delivery, or Web Orders).  By default, these tender types will not open as no money is exchanging hands.  
Enhanced support for the Safari and Chrome browsers on a PC and Mac, plus we are announcing broader support for Windows 10 users for Microsoft’ new Edge browser.
Inventory cloning has refined and enhanced.  From standard inventory items, all the way to our multi-pack items.
Lightning Corporate Office users will greatly appreciate our enhanced inventory management tools.  Each field within the inventory record, from Promotions, Advanced Coupons, Re-Order Points and most other fields can be pushed down to each local store.  Previously only the key fields such as SKU’s, Description, Department, Style, Size and Prices were pushed down.  This strong enhancement comes after months of work.
Customer Data Entry:
When adding/editing a customer’s address, a drop down box will appear with matches.  Simply click and you are done.  This includes Address, City, State and ZIP.  It can’t get an easier.
Online Delivery Services:
We now work with two online delivery services, Drizly.com and MiniBarDelivery.com.  Lightning can stream your inventory to their servers.  Our abilities also include the flexibility to have a higher price for these services to compensate for their fees.  We will be adding a third service, Delivery.com in the coming weeks.
Inventory type of ‘Kits/Clubs.’ 
We have completed substantial enhancements and touch-up work from the corporate level (Lightning Corporate Office) and the store level (Lightning Online Point of Sale).
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